We have succeeded in arranging for a review of the RAS accounts, now completed and we have set a date for the AGM. The AGM will be held at the Jubilee Centre on Tuesday 21st July at 11:00 am, taking a fairly short break from painting, to deal with the formalities. It will be followed by a shared snack, provided by the committee. Nominations need to be in the hands of the committee by 14 July. When nominating someone, please check that you first have their consent. Nomination forms were distributed with the June Newsletter, extras will be available at the Jubilee Centre on Tuesdays. The current committee have all signaled that they are willing to continue in their current roles. However, our wonderful Treasurer, Jan Campbell, is prepared to continue as Treasurer this year only and will need to step down for 2021 due to her other commitments. If there is someone who feels they could help the committee by shadowing Jan this year with a view to picking up the role as Treasurer in 2021, please let us know. Jan is willing to continue on the committee. At the AGM we are proposing a change to the Constitution: ‘That the words ‘Auditor’ and ‘audit’ be replaced with ‘Reviewer’ and ‘review’ in section 11.1.