This month is the time to get organised for our Spring Exhibition. There are some changes this year so please do read the small print. For many years entry fees and general requirements have remained the same but there comes a time when we are forced to change some aspects because of outside costs.
COSTS: The first of these is the fact that the hire cost for the Bowling Club has doubled and we no longer have an Arts Council Grant. In order to overcome this we have added a $1.00 fee to each Tutorial/Workshop work you exhibit, as well as dispensing with a catalogue.
PREPARING YOUR EXHIBITS: It is important that all works should be well presented. Please ensure that you adhere to the requirements set out in each of the sections and on the 3-fold pamphlet. Work that is framed should be in fresh looking, undamaged frames. Paintings should be perfectly dry. Work that is still tacky or damp cannot be accepted. All paintings must be appropriately strung for hanging. If this is omitted then we have no means of showing your exhibit.
If everyone follows the requirements we will have no disappointed members and everyone will be happy!