We propose to have our 2012 painting weekend at Moana (Lake Brunner) on the weekend of 27-29 April. We have arranged to rent a holiday home. This property has 4 bedrooms with double (or queen) beds and two rooms each with 4 bunk beds. It has 3 toilets and two showers. The cost per person for the two nights could be as low as $45 depending upon the number of people who opt to stay in the house. For those with caravans or motor homes the camping ground is just across the road from the house. Further accommodation is available in the village should it be required.
Moana has a lovely lakeside situation and there are great views from the house. There are great places to explore nearby and it may be possible for us to arrange a meal together on Saturday night at the Stationhouse café.
Some of us may be able to offer transport in exchange for a reasonable contribution towards fuel costs.
If you are planning to attend please contact Quilliam on 03 313 8465 or email quilliam@quilliamsart.co.nz. Let him know whether you: are planning to stay in the house, need a lift, can offer a ride etc.