Welcome to our 2017 Painting Year. A number of folk are so keen to get back that I have booked the Gospel Hall for us to start early this year. We begin next week, Tuesday 17 January 2017, at the Gospel Hall 9.30am to 3.00pm. You will notice that I’ve said 9.30 to 3.00. This is because rather than run two different sessions the committee has decided that instead of set two distinct time limits we’re going to let people’s time preferences merge one into the other. This means that if you’re a morning person but want to stay on longer you are most welcome to do so, and just because some folk are packing up to leave by noon you don’t have to do so if you want to keep on painting, while the folk who like to come in the afternoon can come in later in the morning, see friends and what others are doing and keep going until 3pm. We are hoping this will work out better for all. Over our trial three months last year it always seemed such a pity that there was a great hiatus over the lunch hour when virtually no one was painting. Let’s use all the time we have!