Spring Show: We hope you are all preparing for the Spring Art Exhibition. To help you plan for this exhibition the entry forms and rules are attached to this newsletter. The committee is working away behind the scenes to ensure we have another successful show. The big stands have been repaired. Our wonderful team of Russell Hobbs and John Paul have repainted the stands so that they are ready for our Spring Show. Replacement advertising boards to go out on the streets have been purchased and will also be available in time for the Spring Show.
RAS Raffle: We plan to run a raffle again this year and ask that members be ready to donate items for the raffle prizes. In the past these baskets of goodies have proved popular and proceeds from raffle sales help pay our annual costs. This is a small way in which members can help the committee
Linelle Stacey’s tutorial ‘Painting with Acrylics’: Linelle advises us that artists will need to bring a 300 x 600 canvas painted black, several fine long brushes (Linelle will bring a few for those who don’t have any) and Linelle will supply the rest of the brushes needed and all the paint. Cost for paint will be $5 per person (this is an extra charge). The tutorial will be in the War Memorial Hall. Entry forms can be found in the newsletter.