People’s Choice Award winner  ‘Evening Reflections – Lake Coleridge’ by Karin Werner

What a show that was! Our annual exhibition of members’ works was a celebration of talent, reflecting the joy of spring. Many thanks to all who helped us, it was also a celebration of teamwork and generosity as members gave goods, time and physical effort to help us put the show on. It is the nature of our society that we run thanks to our volunteers, there were many and some braved bitter weather in their effort to help our exhibition run well. We congratulate the winners of the categories. This year we received sponsorship for prizes from both Gordon Harris who selected one work and from The Drawing Room who gave us vouchers to celebrate success in the main categories. A big thank you to both Gordon Harris and the The Drawing Room for their generosity. The RAS decided to provide some prizes as well as the certificates so that all successful artists were rewarded. In addition to their certificates the successful artists receiving a Merit award were also given a voucher and the Highly Commended artists received wine.

Rangiora Art Society winners for 2019:

Russell Andrews’ Memorial Cup  ‘Hesitate’ by Paul Smith – Acrylic

Gordon Harris Award  ‘Jack the Joker’ by Trish Woods – Acrylic

People’s Choice Award   ‘Evening Reflections Lake Coleridge’ by Karin Werner  – Oil

Watercolour & Pen & Wash Merit ‘Notre Dame, Paris’ by Quilliam Collister

Watercolour & Pen & Wash Highly Commended ‘The River Wanders’ by Carol Moffat

Acrylic & Ink Merit ‘Bunch of Flowers’ by Sharon Soderberg

Acrylic & Ink Highly Commended ‘Time Passes’ by Joanne McDougall

Oil Merit ‘Evening Reflections – Lake Coleridge’ by Karin Werner

Oil Highly Commended  ‘The Albatrosses’ by Jenny Baker

Drawing – Pen, Pencil, Pastel Merit ‘Becoming Transluscent’ by Mandy Palmer

Drawing – Pen, Pencil, Pastel Highly Commended ‘Winter Roses’ by Viv Knowles

Mixed Media Merit  ‘Divided Loyalties’ by Russell Campbell

Mixed Media Highly Commended ‘Beautiful Roses’ by Ann Filshie Workshop/Tutorial Merit  ‘Architecture -Over there’ by Robyn Cassidy

Workshop/Tutorial Highly Commended ‘Linelle Stacey workshop – Landscape’ by Jan Campbell

30-Day Challenge Merit          by Antonia Rankin

30-Day Challenge Highly Commended by Chris Heaphy