Those members who usually get their newsletter by mail will be receiving a call from a committee member to let them know what is going on in the society. Meanwhile the April 2020 newsletter can be read by clicking here.
What a strange time we are currently in. You should have received our updates regarding RAS procedures in the wake of the Covid-19 directions from the New Zealand government. The Jubilee Centre is now closed for the duration. Despite being unable to meet on Tuesdays, the Rangiora Art Society continues to function, but now in isolation via our members on the internet. Plein Air is suspended for the foreseeable future. We have a number of ideas re staying connected while in lockdown, please see below. We will continue to follow the NZ government guidelines. We want everyone to stay safe and well.
Staying connected during the shutdown: Jan Campbell has set up a Facebook page just for Rangiora Art Society members. It is a private, closed group so only other Rangiora Art Society members can see the posts. It is a way of helping our members who are used to meeting regularly, to stay connected despite being in isolation.
So far over 45 people have joined and some are sharing their art while in shutdown. If you are not already connected to this group, you can join by inviting Jan to share it with you. Jan will then work her magic.
Continuing art during the shutdown: There have been several suggestions on how to keep up with our art while in our personal ‘bubble’, the following are a few of them:
• Paint according to the RAS topics, these continue regardless of the shutdown.
• Try the Covid-19 Challenge e.g. Pick
• Visit a gallery: Those with internet access could try visiting museums in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Florence, Sao Paolo, Barcelona, Taipei and other exciting galleries from your computer chair, it is amazing and free until the end of May. Put in the following link: and another site, the Google Arts and Culture has lots to see too:
• Watch YouTube videos on painting topics e.g. The series ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’. Episode 1 is dated 21 January 2020 and there are ten episodes. It is fascinating to watch the portraits in progress and then completed.